Happy Father's Day!!

Seeing as how John has to work tomorrow on Father's Day, we decided to celebrate a day early.  We've talked about going to Mt. Evans for a while but it was already closed a few weeks after we moved here in September so we haven't had a chance.  On May 24th the road opened up again.  Seemed like the perfect day for a drive.

Here's some background on Mt. Evans.  Back in the early 1900's there was much competition between Colorado Springs and Denver for tourists.  Pikes Peak (elevation 14,115ft) was a huge attraction for Colorado Springs so in an effort to draw more crowds, it was decided to build a road up to the summit of Mt. Evans (elevation 14,240ft).  This scenic drive is the highest elevation paved road in all of North America!  And while it may be 90 degrees in Denver, it was a mere 44 degrees at the top!

The road to Mt. Evans is only about 45 minutes from our house though it took quite a while to climb, explore, and get back.  It is basically an all day outing for sure!  Along the way there are tons of overlooks, picnic areas, wildlife and breath taking views of the mountains.

Due to rainy conditions in Denver and wildfire smoke from the south, our view wasn't as clear as it could be.  You can actually see the Denver sky line way off in the distance but it was pretty hazy.  From the start of the National Forest Park it is a 14 mile drive to the top.  At about mile 10 there is this little lake called Summit Lake.  It was mostly frozen but it was so beautiful.  We stopped to take a potty break and check out the view.

 We're HERE!!!  Oh wait... not yet...  but this is still cool!

 SNOW!  As if we didn't get it our fill of it this past winter!  The boys thought it was pretty neat to play in snow in the middle of June.

 Don't you love his new look?  Stay back ladies, this one's MINE! : )

Onward and upward!  Next stop, the summit.  You can drive all the way up to the sight of an old restaurant.  Back in 1979 it burned down and was never rebuilt.  But the foundation remains and serves as a great lookout.  From there you can hike a quarter of a mile to the very tip top.  The boys whined every. single. step. of the way but it was soooooo worth it once we got to the top.  I think I was a little freakish because all I could think was one of my kids was going over the edge.  We wouldn't let either let go of our hands for a second and that made them really cranky.  Particularly Ethan.  Even so, I still almost had a heart attack at least twice.

You can't see it well but there is a mountain goat perched up there on the rocks.  It was incredible to see!  And it was a lot bigger than I imagined it would be.  How they perch and hop from boulder to boulder is beyond me!

Remember that lake we stopped at?  Here it is from the top.

What a fun day we've had.  And boy does John deserve it.  He is such an amazing daddy.  He works hard to provide for our family while still playing with the boys.  They adore him.  And so do I.  I love you honey.  Happy Father's Day.