Our Backyard Just Got More Fun

I'm pretty sure I've said it before but I'll say it again.  I LOVE our backyard!  From gardening to hanging our clothes on the line, to letting the kids play with all their fabulous toys, it just doesn't ever seem to get old.

Yesterday was a rare day for me - I had ZERO classes to teach.  Usually I can only get away with Sunday as a free day but this week I got Thursday too.  Aaron has been dying to get out some of his new toys so we literally spent the entire day in the back yard.  I'm not joking.  It was probably 7:45 am when we ventured out after breakfast and except for nap time, we spent until 8:30 pm outside!  It also had a lot to do with the fact that we do not have AC and it was nearly 100 degrees out!  I think 97 was the high.  Fortunately we do not have the accompanying humidity that lurks in Kansas City.  Never t he less, the house was sweltering and it felt better to be outside where there was at least a breeze and sprinklers.

The kids have a seemingly endless amount of things to do now.  They can dig in the dirt (their favorite), pretend to garden, take a swim in the kiddie pool, play soccer with their new ball and goal, play T-ball, attempt to play bad mitten which is really just a chance to whack at a birdie with the racket, shoot their air rockets, play on the shark slip n slide, drive their Tonka trucks around, hunt for bugs including their favorite - worms, shoot some hoops, color with sidewalk chalk, play horse shoes, play catch with a football, basketball, baseball, kickball, or velcro tennis ball set depending on their mood, make dirt soup or dirt pizzas, set up an obstacle course with mats and a little creativity, throw rocks (out of the yard and into the rock pit area), eat lunch, snacks, and dinner, pretend to grill while mommy does too, race from one fence to the other, make up silly games that Aaron can boss around Ethan with, and play in the dirt some more.  Whew!  Are they spoiled or what?  The great thing is the fence is locked and the kitchen is right off the deck so I can be inside for short periods of time cooking or piddling around and they keep each other busy.

Watching the kiddos while I sip some iced coffee.

The slip n slide has been a great addition to the backyard.  It will keep the kids laughing and occupied for a long time!  I am conscious of how much water I use especially since we are under restrictions.  So I usually have it on for 10 minutes or so and then turn it off.  Then they use buckets and the pool water to wet it and slide some more!  I pulled it up several times and moved it so as not to kill the grass and it stores nicely in the empty kiddie pool at the end of the day.  Of course they weren't sure what to do at first which is only natural because at four years old how would you know what to do if you've never seen one?  After setting it up the first time, I ran inside and threw my suit on secretly stoked to try it out and demonstrate for my eager son.  I did not get that on video - you wouldn't want to see it!  Even after showing him how, Aaron was a little timid to try it out on his belly.  So John helped them scoot on their booties.  It wasn't long though before Aaron finally got it down and with the help and innovation of the next door neighbors (and a little dish soap), they came up with all sorts of fun games to play with it.  Check out the progression of using the new slip n slide.


  1. Brings back memories of the Talbott's! Love the slide idea!


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