A day at the playground... sort of

Yesterday I took the kids for a little park outing after Zumba.  After a quick run to the house to pack picnic lunches, we set out to play at a new playground that we haven't explored yet.  It's technically close enough to ride our bikes to.  Well at least I can ride my bike.  It might be a little far for the kiddos at just under 4 miles round trip.  (Not to mention having to cross Simms - a very busy street.)

 See the playground in the background?  We never set foot on it. :)
My little tree hugger!

When we got there I commented to the boys that the playground looked pretty hot since it was out in the sun.  We decided to walk down the small grassy hill it stood on to the creek side below.  There the grass was lush and thick, perfect for our blanket and the creek was bubbling with small cascades of miniature waterfalls.  The trees were old and uniquely shaped.  Why would any boy want to play on a play ground when they had this?  It was the perfect little boy "natural" playground.  They climbed trees, skipped stones, and walked/splashed in the creek.  I LOVE this about having boys.  They love to climb and get dirty!

The boys were certainly dirty when we finished - and soaking wet!  I hadn't planned on a swim trip so I had no extra clothes.  Just spare underwear in the diaper bag.  They thought it was pretty funny to ride home in just their underpants.  It was so fun that they actually ended up staying in just their underpants for the rest of the day!  I figured our house was hot enough.  Who needs clothes anyway?