Camping with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn

Last weekend we decided it was high time we did a little camping.  Aaron was super excited when I told him we were going with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn.  In his words "Camping with Uncle Matt?  Ooohhh yyyeeaaahhh!!!!"

Unfortunately it rained like it hasn't rained here all year.  Like monsoon rain!  It started as we were headed out and when we hit Evergreen the clouds looked like they were clearing.  We went on up past Idaho Springs and did some wheeling to get to our camp site.  It was pretty exciting!  t cleared long enough to get the tent up and then it poured.  And poured.  And as we were up in elevation, the temperatures were chilly.  So we were wet, and cold, and trying to cook dinner under a tarp on miniature propane stoves.  The kids were basically confined to the tent and were going crazy out of excitement and boredom.

 All snuggled in.  One good thing about cool weather is the chance to snuggle my babies.

Needless to say, the evening camping experience was a little less than desirable.  I certainly don't really want to go camping in the rain again.  The morning was beautiful.  But the mosquitoes were AWFUL!  We didn't even bring bug repellent because so far in Colorado we haven't needed it at all.  I was shocked by the shear numbers of them.  Swarms.  Poor Aaron has about 30 on his scalp and neck alone.    We headed down the mountain, refueled the Jeep and said goodbye to Matt and Jacquelyn.

Since we already had lunch packed we decided to head back up the mountain to do some more wheeling.  After a few hours and lunch eaten in the car (due to the mosquitoes) we decided to call it a day.  All in all, we had a great time.  Hopefully next time it won't be raining!