Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday.  We sure missed celebrating with family but we did have a pretty good day.  Since most displays near our house were canceled because of the fire restrictions we had only two options.  Head downtown, or head to the mountains.  Uh, yeah.  Which would YOU choose?  Any excuse for the mountains right?

We spent the morning leisurely eating a big breakfast and packing everything up.  With bikes loaded, lunches and snacks packed, we finally headed out around noon.  Traffic was HORRIBLE!  With the tunnel construction at Idaho Springs and the throngs of people headed west, it was slow going to say the least!  The drive was so worth it though.  Frisco was a hopping place with it's main street closed off and people everywhere on bikes and strolling with their families.  We found a place to park, rode around on our bikes a bit downtown and then hit the trail.

We rode the trail from Frisco to Breckenridge - about 10 miles and a steady uphill climb most of the way.  We put the kids on the back in their little seats though Aaron is just about too big for it now.  His poor feet dangle about 8 inches past the food rests!  We could have taken the trailer but it would have made it harder to get around as there was quite a few people out and about.  We stopped for a bit at a playground to eat snacks and then hit up Starbucks in downtown Breck for special treats.  A nice lady gave us tickets for the bounce houses in town and the kids got to burn off some energy.  Downtown Breckenridge is soooo cute!  I just love riding around there!  We passed the Gondola on the way in and noticed it was free.  FREE! Yay!  How could we resist a ride up the mountain?

We could have rode back to Frisco on our bikes but the bus stop was right there.  And it was free.  I love free things.  The kids thought it would be fun so we hitched a ride and put our bikes on the front bike racks.  Summit County rules!  We took the bus back to Frisco Hospital (a Centura Hospital - maybe someday John could transfer?) and hopped on the trail from there back to the Jeep.

Dinner at Ruby Tuesdays by the Dam and then fireworks on Lake Dillon.  Whew!  What a day!  The fireworks were nice but a little farther away than we anticipated.  It could have been a good thing though because the kids didn't freak out over the loud noise!  We could see Brecks display as well but they were pretty small from where we were.

 Happy 4th of July!!!