Picking Flowers

Daddy taught the boys well.  They LOVE to pick flowers for me.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  I love watching their little faces light up with joy at the sight of pretty wildflowers.  They mostly pick them for me but sometimes they will say, "This one is for ______."  It could be any relative or friend near or far.  Just now, "I bet daddy would like some flowers at work."

What constitutes a "flower"?  Anything with leaves.  Of course it helps if it has color but anything will do!  Weeds with or without buds, plants that look intriguing dead or alive.  It doesn't matter.  In this instance it really is the thought that counts.  Who could deny a child the joy of giving you a special gift?  Don't you wish all giving was as innocent as a child?  Pure joy at giving and receiving on both ends.  No money spent, just thoughtfulness.

I wish I had a pic of Aaron with these.  This morning he brought them to me and told me they were jingle bell flowers!  They are completely dried up but I suppose the do look like bells.  Such a smart boy.

I love my flowers.  I would take these over store bought roses any day!