Boulder Hike

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting out to hike with some girls.  John watched the kiddos and I left with 4 other women to hike the Boulder trifecta.  Its the three flat iron peaks right alongside Boulder: South Boulder Mountain, Bear Mountain, and Green Mountain.  We wanted to hit all three but we skipped Green because the weather was getting bad and we had already hiked 10 miles!

Originally we were going to hike Chiefs Head which is a 13,500 ft mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.  However, I have learned that July is Colorado's Monsoon month.  It's like clockwork, everyday at 3 it starts raining.  Down in Denver that's all fine and dandy, but on top of an exposed mountain where lightening is frequent, that's bad news.  So no Chiefs Head.  I was a little disappointed at first but our hike turned out to be awesome anyway and I'm so glad we did it.  In fact, I'm not sure I was ready for Chiefs Head.  Our little A to B hike left me plenty sore the next day/s.

On our way up.  This is just above the parking lot.  See that peak?  That's where we were headed!

 Looking toward Golden

 The steep loose rock we scrambled up towards the top.
 Incredible view!!!

 That's Chiefs Head in the distance.  It's good we didn't end up doing it as we might have gotten caught in the storm.
Laurie and I

 Hello flat irons!
 And here is where we did a little bouldering
 Left the packs by the trail

 Signed the registry at the top!

Yup, this is steep!  I was surprisingly not that afraid of it like I thought I would be.  It was thrilling!

Climbing up on the ridge.
Looking back from the coffee shop afterwards.  See the pointy peak on the left?  That's the Bear mountain.  After we climbed to the top of it, we walk all the way across that ridge and down the other side clear off the picture.  It was 10.5 miles total!  

I LOVE being this close to the mountains.  And Boulder is really not that far from us.  It's about the same distance as Lawrence was from Gardner, about 45 minutes.  I really like Boulder for it's quaintness and... wait for it... it's hippiness!  Only in Boulder could you find a Whole foods on every corner.  It's like the capitol city of all things natural and healthy!  And it's cute.  You gotta love cute.  Can't wait to hike again girls!!  Chiefs Head next time?