Potty Trained - CHECK!

Eman is officially potty trained I do believe!  Before our camping trip he was having accidents fairly frequently but I was in the bad habit of buying him pullups and not really working on it with him.  The last time I was at the store and trying to stay on budget with groceries I just got mad at how ridiculous it was for me to be spending money on this.  And since I plan on cloth diapering our next kiddo someday I figured, why not now?

So no more pullups.  Not even at night.  The first few nights Ethan would come get me soaked.  We've had a lot of extra laundry recently!  But then came our camping trip.  I was prepared for car accidents or tent accidents.  I actually managed to scrounge from the far corners of my house to find 2 pullups and even 2 diapers.  My plan was a diaper for the car ride there and back and a pullup for each night of camping and big boy pants the rest of the time.  Ethan made it home with a diaper and a pullup leftover!  He only had ONE accident the whole trip.  (Not counting the soiled diaper from peeing on himself in his morning stupor as he tried to go in the woods.)

We've now gone three days and nights with zero accidents.  Not during naps, not during bed time...  he's a champ!