Water Babies

Ok so they aren't exactly babies anymore but they are still MY babies.  I'm pretty sure my kids would live in their swim suits if I let them.  Whether in the pool, the splash pad, or just the backyard, they LOVE the water.  It's really too bad they will not get to get out on the lake this year.  I think they would have really loved it.

Here's some more fun summertime pics before we head into the fall.  Preschool starts next week!!  Aaron is really excited.  Ethan will start in January when he gets closer to 3 years old.  Gotta soak up the rays while we can!

 Ready for the splash pad!  Just a quick long bike ride away!

 Naps on the way home!
 Pirate Ship pool fun.  We ate our lunches out on the patio before heading back in for more swimming.


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