Aaron's First Day of School

First day of Pre-K.  It's supposed to be a fun and exciting time as Aaron heads back to school this year.  I mean, he gets to move up from preschool to pre-k right?  I think mommy put a little too much pressure on him to have a good first day.  I wanted everything to be perfect but little Aaron was actually nervous.  I could tell he was nervous because he wanted nothing to do with anyone.  When he gets embarrassed or unsure about something, he reacts in anger and opposition.  I was worried he wouldn't have a good day but by the time we picked him up he had a fun time and is now getting used to going to school again.

I figure I have another chance to get a good picture next year as it is likely we will put him in pre-k again next year instead of kindergarten because of his summer birthday.  His little picture is cute anyway.  Even if he wouldn't smile for me. I love this stinker of mine!

Signing in - all business!