Mom and Grammy's Visit

It's good to be back!!!  After three weeks without my computer I finally am able to blog again!  And boy do I have some catching up to do!

First off, my mom and Grammy came out to visit us back in August! It was kind of a shorter visit but we crammed a bunch of stuff in and it was the first time my Grammy got to see where we live.  They arrived on Friday around noon and we spent the afternoon just hanging out and enjoying some down time while the boys actually took naps!

Friday night the boys got to hang with mom and Gram while John and I went out on a little date.  Date night?  We almost forgot what that was!  We went to a party at our church for volunteers which turned out to be a great time.  There was dinner and line dancing!  Then we headed out to a movie but since we hadn't seen one in so long we ended up at the Dollar Theater to see Man of Steel.  Bonus: it was super cheap!  Thanks for the date night mom and Grammy!

A trip to Colorado wouldn't be complete without seeing the mountains.  On Saturday we took a nice drive along Lookout Mountain Road and then over to Evergreen where we stopped for lunch by the lake.  The temperature was perfect and though it was a little cloudy, the scenery was still beautiful!

Later that day it was John's turn to watch the kiddos while the girls went out.  And where else would we go than the famed Ikea?!  I had never been inside this place but heard so many awesome things.  I have heard of people traveling many hours just to go shopping there.  It was about what I expected - FULL of pretty displays and ideas for decorating.  We had fun looking at all the different "rooms" and even picked up a few gadgets along the way.  Nothing too big or fancy but I look forward to owning a house again and decorating/organizing with Ikea stuff!  We also had to try the Swedish Meatballs while we were there.  They were pretty tasty.

Sunday John and I got to take them to our crazy church.  Crazy in a good way. ; ) Then I had OMG practice so the boys and John hung out with Mom and Gram a while.  We took the evening easy.

Monday morning mom and Grammy had to take off.  But not before being a part of Aaron's first day of preschool.  I wish I could say it was a joyous event but Aaron was a little nervous and not very into taking pictures or being doted on.  :(

It was a whirlwind of a visit for sure!  We are so glad to have had them and I miss them already!  I wish it was less expensive to fly because I would be doing weekend trips all the time if I could!