OMG Pics and Video!!

This last weekend was the big OMG Fitness Event!!!  Even today I am still kind of on a high about it all!  It was such an amazing experience to be on a big stage rockin it with all of those crazy Zumba nuts!  After weeks of practice, the whole day was just one big adrenaline rush for me.  It was very similar to Drill Team competitions in high school only a grown up version of it.  We got there early so we could get spacing down on the stage and we each had our own cubbie in the dressing room.  I really felt like a star.  Through the process I have met so many wonderful new Zumba friends and feel like I'm part of the Zumba instructor community in Denver now.

I have a zillion pics from myself, friends, and my awesome sis Katie.  She was so fantastic to have there and took many great photos and video so you all could see!  I have posted many of them on FB so I apologize if you are seeing all of these twice.  There are even more on FB if you want to check them out.  I figured this was plenty for the blog!

Pre Show

John, Katie, Adam, & Ellie at the Event

 That's my awesome hubby workin it!!


Fun Pics

Here are some video clips

I'm in the greenish yellow top.  For the first little part I'm on the right of the screen. Then the center for a while, then the left.