11 Year Anniversary

John and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last weekend!  Time just never slows down.  Looking back at our wedding photos we looked like babies.  We were babies!  And now we have our own babies.

We decided to make hiking an annual family event for special day since the Aspens turn a glittering gold color in late September.  Last year we celebrated at Rocky Mountain National Park.  This year we decided to try Devil's Head near Castle Rock.  It was beautiful! Of course.  Not much in this state isn't.  

 Our fur-niece, Gretchen, led the way for most of the time.  But she had to compete with the "line leader" Aaron
 He is ALL boy!  Every boulder or rock we passed had to be conquered! 
My boys <3
Taking a rest!  Poor daddy!
At the top of a 1.5 mile climb up the mountain there is a set of stairs to the oldest standing fire lookout in Colorado.  
Our little champ made it up all 143 stairs.  AND the hike to and from.  Go Aaron!
Even Gretchen came for the view
Waiting on the rest of our group.  It's one way only so John got stuck on a platform waiting as people went back down.

Pike's Peak in the distance
Lunch time!

Getting some sun while the boys explore.

John and boys climbing boulders
The kids found the perfect cave/tunnel/

Everyone's pooped!  Aaron, we are so proud of you!  He hiked 3 miles and climbed 143 stairs at the top, the longest hike he's ever done on his own!  Way to go!

We had a wonderful day and ended up grabbing pizza on the way home.  I was too tired to cook!  Where will go next year?  Time will tell!

John and I went to dinner the next night on a special date.  It was probably the best date we've had since moving here.  Simms Steakhouse for dinner and a little jog downtown for a special dessert.  The best part?  My wedding ring is fixed!  You may not have known, but several months ago the diamond in my ring went missing when a prong broke.  The estimate was too high to afford so I figured it would be a while.  I have been wearing a temporary replacement ring.  Until now!  AND it's even a better quality diamond than before.  Yay for upgrades!

John Farnsworth, I love you more than words can ever describe.  What a fantastic 11 years we've had.  Looking forward to many, many, many more.