Lessons in Happiness

These are the days I live for.  The kind of days where you can't keep the grin off your face and your heart feels so full it could burst. They don't happen all the time and there is no formula on how to make one happen. They just happen.  One morning you wake up and things just go your way.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I know I haven't been posting as much on the blog so if you are just looking through some of those posts you will notice the bubbly upbeat tone of most of hem.  Please know we are just like everyone else with bad days and tired days too.  We are not perfect.  But yesterday was.

It started (on my part) by getting up at 9:30.  Yes, I typed that correctly.  John and I laid in bed until 9:30 while for the most part, the kids behaved and watched cartoons.  I think John got up once to instill some daddy "love" on them and make sure they were not destroying things.  We rolled out of bed and began making some glorious waffles.  Well there really was nothing special about them but my kitchen stayed clean through out the process and THAT was glorious!

After breakfast we wrangled the kids and got them dressed in their new outfits that they received in the mail from Grandma and Granddad.  We weren't on a time table so there was no rush.  We decided a Jeep ride would be fun.

So we pulled out John's CO Jeep Trails book and found one not too far from home to explore.  Next stop, Caribou Coffee!

The trail was so beautiful.  It was about an 8 mile loop through forests and meadows near Idaho Springs.  We stopped in a clearing and admired the beauty.  The boys absolutely love Jeep rides.  And it's amazing they can actually nap while we wheel sometimes too!  Since we were not rushed we stopped often and got out and explored.  At one point the boys were climbing rocks and John and I sat together in the sun, looked down on the clearing where we ate our packed lunches, and day dreamed about living in a spot like this someday.
 Our Lunch Spot

 We found a tepee!
 There are still some Aspen leaves left in certain areas.  They are gorgeous!
 We thought these might be wild horses but we found their owners later (we think).
 They came right up to the windows to say hello!

When we finished the trail it was getting late in the afternoon. Time to head off to church.  The service was great and spoke to both of us.  In fact, instead of picking up dinner on the way home, we decided to save our money and go home to cook.  I'm not a fan of cooking at 7pm but I didn't mind last night.  We ate good food and saved our money.  The kids were tired so they didn't take long to fall asleep.  John and I hit the pillow and thanked God together for all of the blessings in our life.

The lessons we learned today:  Perfect moments take you by surprise so seize them.  A content life is lived in the heart, not the pocket book.