Aaron, The Hula Hoop Pro

Shakin' your booty is good for more than just sweet dance moves.  Hello hula hoop!  The other day when I picked up the boys from the YMCA child watch, I was met at the door with a bright eyed little boy who was positively giddy to show me his new trick.  I walked over to him as he held up a hula hoop with a huge smile.  I guess I was expecting a few times around the waist as he wound up with a twist.

"Three, two, one, blast off!!"  And then before my very eyes, my son did like 50 spins before that hula hoop hit the floor!  Amazing!  I was so impressed that we went to Walmart later that day to get him one.  I mean, talk about burning energy off!

He has been practicing every day.  And today, he even took the hula hoop to school for show and tell.  The day we bought it, he wanted to practice in every parking lot we stopped at while grocery shopping.  Check out his sweet moves!