Dash is back!

Well Dash made his way back to our house this year.  He was kind of... off... this year!  : )  It all began with a special North Pole breakfast complete with snow ball doughnut holes and of course, hot chocolate.  Homemade even.

 Over the next few days, he diligently flew to the North Pole and came back to find mischief somewhere else.

And then the strangest thing happened.  He became... comfortable... in certain spots, staying for days in the same location.  We aren't even sure if he really went back to the North Pole during those times.  One day, Aaron brought him to me in and because of that touch, he lost his magic!!  He went back to the North Pole to get better but didn't come back for a whole week!!!  Did he forget about us??

He did make it to Grandma and Granddads but he was so busy that he never appeared at Nanny and Papa's.

Luckily for Dash, the kids didn't really notice much of the neglect that he was showing them.  But for Christmas, Santa brought the boys the Elf on the Shelf Movie and now they are very well educated about what Dash is actually supposed to do!

We said goodbye to him on Christmas Eve.  Hopefully he'll be in better spirits next Christmas season!  (I promise to do better!!!!)

Happy vacation Dash!!!  See you next year.