Playing in the leaves

I figure for New's Year Eve day, I might as well catch up on 2013.  I would love to post about Thanksgiving but I was negligent in getting pictures but I know someone who has some pretty good ones!  I'll have to write about it in a few days when they get back in town.

Back when the leaves were falling we had some pretty fun days jumping around in piles.  One day, the boys and I raked up some leaves into 4 piles in the back yard and they took turn running at full speed and diving into them!  Of course, we just made a bigger mess to clean up but daddy took care of that.  We decided there was no sense in raking again so he just mulched it all.  I thought it might look shabby when he was through but on the contrary, it looked fantastic.  Never will we rake again unless it is for fun! : )

Since this was right around my birthday, my phone was still new and shiny and I played around with the camera.  The pictures turned out amazing.  I just can't get enough of these handsome, crazy boys!