Christmas Time in Colorado

There is just something special about the Christmas season in Colorado.  With the mountains as our backdrop and the occasional snow, it just seems post-cardish in a good way.  Last year it seemed like we had so much planned.  We kind of pulled back and just did a few things which was both relaxing and lighter on the wallet.  Here are our favorite moments.

 Super Dad putting up the lights!

 Decorating the tree. Pant-less of course!

 Our tree turned out so beautiful and uneven and spotty and perfect.  Clumps of ornaments here and bare spots there.  But the kids were so proud of their handy work.  I would never change it.
 Our masterfully lit house and tree in the front yard.
 My little reindeers
 Breakfast with Santa at the YMCA.  Aaron was stoked.  Ethan, not so much.  He was terrified but after a few minutes he warmed up enough to take a quick picture.  Aaron asked for a video game. Ethan... asked for a sandwich!  Hehehe...

 We went to daddy's work to visit with the reindeer ears.
 We busily worked on necklaces and bracelets.

 And made homemade wrapping paper.