Kansas City Christmas

Words cannot express how wonderful it was to be back home in Kansas City for Christmas.  We were able to spend almost 9 days in town!  During that time we crammed as much as we could into it!

 The boys were especially happy to see Ellie.  They loved on her non stop and she soaked up every moment of it, always being patient with them.  We miss her so much!  I wish we could bring her back to CO with us but our landlord won't permit it and honestly, I think she would prefer the space and other dogs.

 The kids got a kick out of the train that went around the tree - even when it wasn't around the tree.

 Aaron played hide and seek with Granddad.  It's the perfect hiding spot right?

 We opened gifts at my parents house on Sunday.  The anticipation was killing Aaron.  He was scoping out packages with his name on them.
 Grammy got to enjoy the post nap snuggles from Ethan on afternoon.

 Nanny and Aaron played with their new helicopters and rescued some campers.

 The kids took a bubble bath with TONS of bubbles in Nanny and Papa's Tub.

 Aunt Katie and Uncle Adam went out for ice cream with us at Peachwave.

 We decorated cookies and made candy trains at Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Jim's house.

 We snuggled and watched movies at Grandma and Granddads.

 Dad took John and I and Chelsee and Jay to the shooting range where I shot a gun for the first time!

 John gave the boys rides on the four wheeler in the snow - donuts and all!

Listen for Aaron saying "I'm too fast for you!!"

We also got to see Great Grandma and Grandpa and the whole Farnsworth clan for Christmas Eve, went on  a date night, had a play date with the Crigers, visited the Heintzlemans, got to see Brian Busch and family, and I even made it to a Zumba class and got to co teach with Michelle at the Olathe Y.

I know other family took pictures while we were there.  I would love to get my hand on them and post some more.  I can't believe we visited again without taking whole family pictures together!  I don't think we got any with either sets of grandparents.  What was I thinking?? : )

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts we recieved.  We are so spoiled!  And richly blessed.  We are having fun playing with our new gadgets and gizmos.  I have many fun days in the kitchen ahead of me. : )  We love you all so much and we already miss you.  See you again soon family.  Happy New Year.