Superman and Batman: AKA Super A and Eman

The other day was an especially windy day.  Actually this whole last week has been windy.  What's one way to get out the door without any arguments?  Let the kids wear their capes!  I made these capes out of thrift store t-shirts that I cut up and ironed logos on.  They LOVED the idea of going out in public sporting their super hero capes.  And I LOVED not having to push and prod and beg and bribe them into the car to head out of the house on our errands.

First stop, a play date at the park.  Since it was super windy their capes blew in the wind, especially on the swings and down the slide.  Next stop, the YMCA so I could teach a class.  Everyone commented on how cute they looked.  And after a good behavior report, we played outside some more in the field running around.  Next up, the grocery store.  They had fun hanging on either side of the cart with the capes flowing behind them and they got lots of attention as we made our way through the store which of course they loved.  All in all, it was totally worth it to let them wear them out.

Little Eman was so cute.  He kept referring to himself as Batman.  "Batman is tired mommy."  "Batman is super hungry."   I may do it again.  Especially on those days they simply do not want to get up early and get out of the house.