Good News!!

As a lot of you know, John and I have had our house in Gardner on the market now for 4 months.  It has been a very trying and difficult few months financially as we have had to make double housing payments.  Especially just before the holidays when we also owed a deposit back to the previous renters.  So essentially, we had to make 3 house payments on November 1st and we have been playing catch up ever since.  In the mean time, it seemed like more and more financial things kept creeping up on us and it was very discouraging.

However, we serve a big God and we have lots of family and friends who He has used in this time to bless us.  We are so very grateful for the support financially and spiritually we have received.  I don't feel comfortable naming names but you know who you are.  Your gas card, money sent in the mail, grocery cards, visa cards, movie tickets to take a break, and so many many prayers said for us are overwhelming.  Thank you.  They have kept us afloat these past few months.  My hope is to pay it forward when all this clears up.

Yesterday, we accepted an offer on our house!  Yay!!  It is a huge burden off our shoulders and we feel like we can finally put our life back in order.  John has been working 6 12 hour shifts at a time to keep enough money coming for double payments.  He will now be able to rest.  Thank you again for all of your prayers and keep praying that everything goes smoothly in the next few weeks.  The end is in sight!

We love you all so much.

(More posts coming soon as I need to catch up!)