Jenny's Baby Shower

I was so fortunate to get to attend Jenny's baby shower in Kansas City.  Thanks to my in-laws for flying me back home for the weekend!  It was a fantastic and much needed/relaxing trip. Oh course I missed the boys (all of them) but they survived without me for the weekend.  In fact, I think they really had a great time hanging with daddy.

The shower was amazing.  Aunt Marilyn pulled out all the stops and it was packed!  That sweet baby Rosie is set for her first year of clothes for sure!  Jenny is looking absolutely beautiful and she's got that I'm-gonna-be-a-momma-soon glow.  It is so exciting to have another baby in the family.  I'm super excited the kids finally have a cousin!!  And it was awesome to see all cousins and aunts and of course Grandma Farnsworth.

While in town, I got to spend some quality time with my family too.  My mom took my sisters and I on a girls date to get our toes done.  Ahhh.... so relaxing!  And my stripper pink that Katie and I chose actually looks awesome with my Zumba wear for my Aqua Zumba classes.  Bonus!  It was also great to see my Grammy at dinner Saturday and of course spend time with my dad too.  It was a blitz of a weekend but so fun.

 Katie's cute official invite to be her bridesmaid!!!! Soooo cute!

My sweet, sweet dog Ellie who has cancer all throughout.  She's doing well right now but I had to get some extra snuggles in while I was in town.