Rosie Jo

Baby Rosie is here!  Our long awaited baby niece made her entrance into this world on March 18th.  Early that morning I received a text from Teresa as Jenny was at the hospital and in labor.  All day I got periodic texts and anxiously waited for each one.  I was so excited I felt like I was right there with her.  During nap time I put on my head phones and listened to some music as I passed away time cleaning the kitchen and actually weeping with joy at the thought of my beautiful sister in law becoming a mother.  A mother.   Thoughts of both my babies came and went as I relived the experience of those first moments as a family.  No longer John and I alone, but a family.  Now I am sure my own preggo hormones played a part in it, but I am just so happy for Jenny and Ian and I seriously cannot wait to hold that little bundle in my arms.  I am so moved by Jenny's birth experience and strength throughout the whole process.  I could not be a more proud aunt.  An aunt!! Thank you Jenny and Ian for making John and I and Aunt and Uncle!

I received the text proclaiming her arrival at about 4:30pm our (mountain) time while I was on my way to teach Zumba.  I actually had to pull over as I couldn't see through my tears.  The picture Teresa sent me was so beautiful.  The boys wondered why I was crying so I showed them the picture and told them that baby Rosie had been born.  Aaron's first response was, "Yay!  My cousin is born!"

This is the picture that I got.

In later days I enjoyed reading all of the facebook posts from both Jenny and Ian.  I am so excited we get to see everyone in just a few short weeks.  

In Jenny's words:  

Rosie Jo was born on March 18th at 5:16 pm. The afternoon sun shone in the room beautifully while I pushed her out surrounded by smiling family and nurses. I couldn't stop smiling through the pain because I was so excited to see her. It was a happy birth. When they placed her on top of me she was quiet and just looked right into my eyes. It was the best day of my life. She is a long string bean at 21 inches and then some. She was 7 pounds and 10.6 ounces. She is perfect.

So proud of you Jenny!  You and Ian are going to be amazing parents.  Welcome to the club.