Spring Break is Better Spent Outside

Spring break is tough for moms and dads.  When I was a kid, I remember spring break being so awesome.  No school, do whatever we wanted...  I had no idea it was so much work for parents!  And my boys are only in school for 3 half days!  I suppose it will be different when they are in school all day everyday.  I will probably miss them and therefore spring break will be a little more special.  But right now, in this stage of life, I depend on my measly 3 hour breaks twice a week when they are both in school at the same time.  I use that time to relax, blog, clean, or hang with my hubby on special morning dates.  Instead, on spring break I get, "Mom, I'm so bored.  What are we doing today mom?"

So to keep my minions busy we did a number of things throughout spring break.  We went swimming, to the skate park (several times), to the Children's museum, to Jump street, and to more parks outside.  The biggest hits?  Anything outside.

I learned very quickly that our boys would much rather explore the great outdoors than play indoors somewhere. (With the exception of swimming.)  This suits me just fine as most outside stuff is free!  Bike riding, climbing rocks, digging in the dirt, playgrounds...

On the day I took them to Jump Street we were very disappointed.  I packed a lunch and water bottles and planned to be gone for several hours.  Only, since Ethan is not yet 4, he was not allowed to do many things.  Which meant I didn't pay for Aaron to do the big kid things so as not to have an uproar on my hands.  There were three large inflatables (of which they were unimpressed) and a trampoline kid area (which they have a trampoline in the basement.)  Everything else was off limits to them.  They were bored within 15 minutes but I forced them to play for an hour.  After all, I paid for it!  They did have fun.  Just not for long.  And the facility rules said we could not bring our lunch or water bottles in but we couldn't leave and come back either, forcing people to spend $2 on bottled water and $1.75 for a granola bar from a vending machine.  Nope.  Not the place for us.

We left and went to Clear Creek in Golden where there is a large playground and a nice path along the creek where the kids played for literally two hours before I had to drag them to the car.  Yep, throwing rocks in the creek, playing in the dirt, climbing boulders, climbing trees, and chasing geese was way more fun!