Aaron Writes his first Letter

Not like letter of the alphabet... an actual letter to someone.  Who was it to?  A friend at the YMCA.  I had come to pick up the boys from child watch when one of my friend's kids told me that Aaron was not being nice to him that day.  Sure enough, when I talked to Aaron about it he said he just didn't feel like being nice and he was rude to him in the bounce house.  We talked about how that hurts feelings and tried to decide what we should do about it.  I suggested he write an apology.  This was an idea that I actually got from my friend Kelly (Andrew's mom) several weeks earlier regarding something else.

Surprisingly, he was thrilled by the idea.  So when we got home I wrote out on a piece of paper:

I am sorry.

And Aaron dutifully proceeded to make his letter out to Andrew.  It is the cutest thing ever. He later gave the card to Andrew and all is well now.  Well for the most part!  I think Aaron is still pretty moody around Andrew for some reason.  Maybe it's the age difference.  Maybe it's just Aaron's personality.  But at least I know he can now write an apology.  I might have to use this trick more often.  Help him learn to write and be sorry for things?  Yes please!


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