Earth Treks

About two weeks ago, John and I decided to give a new local climbing gym (Earth Treks) a try.  We had been talking about how it would be fun to learn to climb together but I was a little nervous to start such an adventure while pregnant.  I figured it was out of the question.  Until I learned that climbing while pregnant is quite common.  Especially here in CO where many pregnant women are very active.  I did some searching online and found that indoor climbing is perfectly safe to do while pregnant as long as you have the right harness and are climbing using the top rope method - meaning you are climbing with the rope anchored above you and someone on belay on the ground.

This new gym in Golden is HUGE and opened last fall so it's relatively new.  They were offering a special intro package for buy one get one free that included two 3 hour classes and 15 days of climbing.  It was a great deal so we went for it.  Our first class was so fun!  It was Intro to Climbing where we learned all the basics of top rope climbing.  How to tie the rope as a climber and on belay, safety tips, terms to use while climbing, and how to safely belay your partner so you can catch falls and lower them when they have reached the top.  I felt nervous when we first got there with my borrowed full body harness and a noticeable pregnant belly.  It turns out one of our instructors climbed all the way up to 39 weeks with her baby!  She was a great help and reassurance.  I never felt unsafe or like I was putting baby at harms way.  And it was very empowering to get to the top and not feel fear of heights because there was no way I would fall.

It has been so nice to go climbing together while the boys are in school on the days that John has off.  And it is SUCH a great workout!!  I'm using muscles I didn't know I had!  It's the perfect adventure date for John and I.  It's fun discovering something new together at the same time.  We are both at about the same level though John can do some of the more strength-requiring climbs - for now!

 Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn watched the boys while took our first class.  Thank you!!!
 Our ropes to practice our figure eight knots.
 View from the top.
This is the hurricane wall.  One of my first non class climbs was a blue route that was a 5.7.  (Climbs in this gym go from about 5-6 to 5-13C with the hardest ones being a 5-10 and above.)

I did actually bring this up at my doctors appt.  I was again nervous because I thought I would get the disapproving look or tone.  But to my surprise, my NP told me she too had been to that gym and it was a great facility.  She told me it was perfectly safe for me to continue climbing for as long as it is comfortable.

We were so excited to take the kids climbing since you know, they climb on everything anyway!  So we have decided to make it official and join the gym for real.  Unlimited climbing and yoga classes.  Because I need more working out in my schedule! : )

We hope to climb outdoors eventually but I will wait until after baby is born.  John, however, is going to go on a guys canyoneering trip this summer!  He is very excited.  And I'm a little jealous!  But I am glad he is going.  We have some other friends that go climbing and canyoneering quite often so I'm sure there will be lots of trips in the future.  And since we're starting the boys young, I look forward to lots of family adventures down the road.