Food Mongrels

Yep.  We have little boys.  Little boys with BIG appetites who will someday be teenagers and REALLY be eating us poor.  Aaron has started making his own lunches.  He is a peanut butter and jelly pro.  He has even made them for a snack all by himself without mom's knowledge.  Ethan, inspired by his older brother, may not be as dexterous but he is a sneakster.  He loves fruit - any fruit - and just about any kind of dairy too.  It's very hard to keep blueberries, strawberries, grapes, yogurt tubes or cheese sticks in the fridge.  I have one special hiding place that seems to work but I fear the day he discovers that too!

It's pretty hard to get upset at my kids for making their own snacks and eating healthy!  They are so adorable.  I buy some snacky foods at Costco that we keep in the coat closet which is the only place they really can't get to.  It's the one spot they can't climb any counters or use a chair because the shelf is so high and unobtainable.  Even in our own bedroom closets they have found a way to scale the clothes to get to the hot chocolate packets!  We keep applesauce pouches, gold fish, and granola bars in the hallway coat closet!

 Serving spoon in the yogurt - found in Ethan's bedroom.
 Buh Bye Cottage Cheese
 Homemade PB&J - complete with chocolate chips on top.  Hmmm... boy after my heart.  
Ethan's turn!