Pregnancy update

I have lots to catch up on but I'm feeling sort of guilty that I haven't written about our little bean much.  As I write this I am now just over 17 weeks.  Time is going so SLOW! : )

I guess I'll start from the beginning since I haven't written ANY of it down yet!  I've been looking back at the blog during both Aaron and Ethan's pregnancy and have found tons!  Hmmm...  3rd baby.  I love you my sweet unborn child.  Please don't think I care less because I haven't documented as much.  I fear it might be a trend to come but I will love you no less.  I promise!

We had been trying for a few months after deciding that now would be a good time to expand our little family.  While we were in Kansas City for Christmas I took a pregnancy test but it turned out negative.  I figured it was just another negative-wait-until-next-month-test.  I was wrong.  When we returned home, one day before New Year's Eve in fact, we got the news that I was in fact pregnant!  We were elated!  And then began the wait to tell our family and friends.

My first appointment was scheduled for 8 weeks - which was AFTER I was going to be back in KC for Jenny's baby shower.  I really wanted to tell everyone in person so I went ahead and shared the news while in town.  I took pictures of the boys holding a sign and had them printed for the grandparents.  The pictures didn't turn out that well.  Ha!  The boys had NO desire to pose for me that day but I insisted.  This is what you get when you force a Pinterest idea.

Since September is school time, I think both sides of the family thought the sign meant that Aaron was going to be promoted to a new grade level.  But upon further inspection, you will notice that BOTH boys are wearing big brother shirts! Once everyone understood the meaning behind the picture, they were all excited. :)  I'm glad I got to reveal in person.

When I got back to Denver I had my first check up.  The sonogram took forever.  I didn't really notice though.  I had nightmares for days about not being able to find a heart beat so that was all I was interested in.  Once I heard that beautiful sound, all else was moot.  The heart rate was strong and loud.  185 bpm!  Hmmm...  could that mean a girl???  Hehehe...

 I don't really have clear pictures of the 8 week sonogram but this is a profile with the head on the left hand side.  The floating thing is the umbilical cord.

After the sonogram I had my initial appointment and found out that the sonogram was not exactly perfect.  I had what was called a subchoroidal hemorrhage.  It was explained to me as an active hematoma that was located between the sack and the uterus wall.  Basically it was slowly bleeding and if it did not heal it could result in a separation and therefore a miscarriage.  Luckily they are not that uncommon and usually resolve themselves by 20 weeks.  Since mine was a bit larger than normal (as I found out the following week) I was put on "pelvic rest".  Not near as bad as bed rest but I was unable to do anything high impact, jump around, lift heavy things, etc. and I was told to "take it easy."  Hmmm...  Kind of hard to do as a Zumba instructor!  So for a month I had to put aside my Zumba classes, teaching only Aqua Z (and very mildly at that).  I survived though and our little bean is now healthy as can be.  I was cleared to teach again and go back to my high impact activities at 12 weeks.  I have not had any other problems since then.

Sometime around St. Patrick's Day I had a follow up sonogram to check on the hematoma.  By then our little one was fiercely kicking and flinging arms everywhere, then suddenly kick it's legs out straight and pause for a moment.  The sonographer joked that it must be doing an Irish jig in there!

I never had "morning sickness" as in the traditional sense.  But I was sick every afternoon around 3:30pm.  Sometimes it lasted through dinner time which meant we ate out a lot or ate pretty poorly on whatever I could throw together.  I did not throw up but would be so nauseous that I wished that I could and be done with it.  And I was soooooo tired!  I laid on the couch a lot and the house was frequently destroyed by my lovely little munchkins.  But I survived that too.  (With the tremendous help of my awesome hubby who did a LOT of the housework and continues to do so.)  And now that I'm in my second trimester I feel fantastic!  In fact, the only thing that reminds me I'm pregnant is my growing belly and shrinking brain cells.

John is so cute, constantly hugging on my belly and already talking to our little one.  My friend let me borrow her fetal doppler so that we can hear the heartbeat whenever we want.  John is an expert at pin pointing the tiny heart as our squirmer does Zumba inside the womb!  The heart rate is sort of all over the place.  At my appts it has come down from 185 to 160's to 150's to now 145 at my last appointment.  At home we usually find it around 135-140.  Maybe she's sleeping?  Wait, did I say she? : )

The boys are also very excited to be getting a new sibling.  They ask me almost everyday when the baby is going to come out!  Ethan almost always says he wants a sister but Aaron is pretty set on a brother.  One day out of the blue, Aaron says to me, "Mom, I want another brother because you're my only girl."  I about cried on the spot!

Now the wait is on for the big gender reveal.  Our full anatomy sonogram appointment is scheduled for May 1st.  I can hardly wait.  I was really hoping to know by Easter so we could tell everyone in person but it looks like that is not going to happen.  And there is no way I can keep it a secret after I find out!  For now, we wait....

Third baby shows a LOT earlier!!  Here are a few shots.  I need to do a recent one.

7 weeks
12 weeks
14 weeks