Random Cuties

I have intended to put these cute pictures up long ago.  Though some of them more than a month old now, they are still worth sharing.  Enjoy.

 Playdough cookies
 Ethan says, "You have to wear your seat belt Tigger.  It's the rules."

 Wearing our shades.
 Aaron wanted to wear his stethoscope like daddy.  This was at the Children's museum.  He was really into taking care of of the animals in the Vet area that day.
 Sunshine and tire swings.
 Family art time while mommy cooks.
 Daddy made a big mild shake to share while Aaron was at school.
 Tired boys after an impromptu play date with friends to IHOP and the park.
 A rare rainy day.  Watching them share the umbrella was worth getting wet.

 Daddy took the training wheels off Aaron's bike.  And then put them back on again...
First flower picked of the season.  Makes my heart smile.

Bring on sunshine and warm weather!!!