Sidewalk Paint

I saw on Pinterest a neat idea of something to do with the kids.  Sidewalk paint!  As opposed to just chalk.  While in KC we went to a new HyVee by my parents house and they had gobs of cool things for Easter baskets.  One of those things was a set of sponges that was supposed to come with said sidewalk paint but they must have been out.  I figured I'd surely be able to find a do it yourself recipe and sure enough, I did.

It's so simple.  It's one part corn starch, one part water and food coloring.  That's it.  Lucky for me, I have a TON of food coloring because when we switched to natural eating I stopped using it but I couldn't just throw it away.  What a great way to put it to use.  And the kids of course loved it.  Especially my little artist, Aaron.  He loved making all sorts of shapes on the ground and then practicing his letters.  In fact, one day he even spelled everyone's name in our family including Grandma and Granddad and Nanny and Papa.  Of course I helped him with the spelling but he did all the work himself.  The best part is, you can either wait until it drys and simply sweep it away, or let it stay there until it rains and it washes away.  Plus, it did NOT stain their clothes or their hands as I was afraid it might.  We will definitely be doing this again.

Here's some of the kids handiwork.