The Boys First Climbing Experience

Anyone who knows our boys knows they love to climb on everything!  Here's some proof.

It makes sense to me to have them try it out in a controlled environment!  We have been waiting on our gear to take the kids to the climbing gym.  We are fortunate enough to know people that can get discounts on stuff!  So we all have a harness now (the kids share one) and our carabiners, belay device, chalk bag, and shoes.  Luckily, the kids can climb in regular tennis shoes for now.  It was like Christmas when our friend Matt brought over the box of stuff we had ordered!  Anxious to try it all out, we took the kids to the gym yesterday.

We were a little nervous as to whether they would have fun or not.  Well, we knew they would have fun but would they make it to the top or get discouraged?  Will they get scared?  Our mantra was "go only as far as you want and then come back down."  Aaron went first.  He was excited to try but quickly became embarrassed/scared about coming back down.  He did great though.  He made it about half way up each time.  I think after a few more trips he'll be more comfortable and make it all the way to the top.  Ethan was a lot more trusting of the rope and ability to get back down.  He made it all the way up to the top on two different climbs!  He even did one of the hardest kids routes (with a little help from daddy). After his first trip to the top, he got down and said, "Aaron, did you see that?  I made it to the top!!"  Aaron just kind of grumbled.  He's not doing well with his little brother being better at something!  It's good for him.  And Ethan for that matter.

This proud mama took lots of pictures.  Some of these are on FB already, but others are not.  John is so good and patient with the boys.  They really look up to him.  It's so fun to do things as a family and see all my boys bond together.

 Mom and Dad's turn to climb while the boys watch and eat their snacks.

Later that day, John and I went back for round two while our friends Matt and Laurie watched the kiddos.  We had our second lesson which was about moving around on the wall and what the different handholds are for, how to follow a path that's been set, and how to do some drills to improve your climbing skills.  It was very fun!  And after teaching that morning, taking the kids climbing, and taking a three hour climbing class, I was both tired and HUNGRY!  We went to Outback for dinner.  BEEF!  Yes!  Good food, good friends.  It was a pretty perfect day.