Baby Girl's Name Reveal

26 weeks

We have decided on a name for our sweet baby girl.  Her first name was chosen because it is a five letter Biblical name.  Why five letters?  Well, because Aaron and Ethan are too.  And in keeping with the tradition of naming middle names after names of our family, we have decided to go with Grandma Farnsworth's middle name.  A name that also happens to be my best friend Amy's middle name as well.  So what is it?

Chloe Elizabeth Farnsworth

Chloe was a well known Christian matron of the house who through her hospitality, hosted many early church people in her home in Corinth.  Here's a blip about her name meaning.

Scripture Reference1 Corinthians 1:1011

Name Meaning—Green herb

We are not told anything about the background of this Corinthian matron and head of a Christian household. Evidently she was well-known to the Corinthians by her personal name which means “green herb,” and in the Greek represents the first green shoot of plants. Chloe is therefore emblematic of fruitful grace and beauty. It was while he was benefiting from the hospitality of her home that Paul received information of strife among leaders in the Early Church and which he sought to deal with in this first chapter of First Corinthians. The Church at Corinth gave Paul a good deal of concern and heartache because of its low spirituality.