Father's Day

Like Mother's Day, Father's day this year was not hugely eventful.  We still had fun with daddy as he actually had the day off.  Yay!  And we sort of trespassed in our new house that wasn't quite ours yet which was exciting!  We knew we were going to close on it but had not taken possession yet.  So we used the code to the key lock box and let ourselves in to do some cleaning and yard work.  Sounds fun right?  Actually, it really was.  And we even "grilled" on John's little camping stove that we brought with us and had a real meal on a card table.  Pretty fancy!

The boys loved exploring the property and just helping daddy in general with outside chores.  And of course, helping him unwrap his Father's day gifts which consisted mostly of archery stuff.  When we finally get settled, I look forward to watching John play with his new toys for the bow.

All in all, it was a great day.  Tiring, but very fun.  Just goes to show that gifts and activities are no match for quality time together.  That's the most important thing.

 Donuts first!