The Big Move!

Well we finally did it!  It seemed like the closing date was up in the air forever but in reality we only closed 5 days later than originally planned.  And ALL of the things we asked for got fixed!  I still cannot believe the deal we got.

Even though we were not quite closed yet, no one was around to kick us out so we went ahead and started cleaning and painting early.  Each time we came up we took a load with us.  Painting was taking much longer than I thought it would and it turned out that we really only had time to finish the kitchen before we moved in.  Oh well!  We have been slowly unpacking now so painting has been put on hold.  Hoping I can get to work on it again soon as I'm really not a fan of urine yellow!

First night as official homeowners of our place!  The kids had grape juice.  I splurged with about 2 oz and then poured some sparkling grape juice!
Trying to paint through a three year old tantrum takes 4 times as long...

We had sooooo much help from a few friends and family.  We could not have done it without them.  First of all, Grandma and Granddad came to visit and were a huge help in watching the kiddos for us.  Unfortunately we did not get to see a lot of them though!  I look forward to the fall when we can have a real visit and be a little more relaxed.  You know with a newborn and all! : )  We also had the help of Matt and Jacquelyn which was greatly appreciated.  And then a HUGE thank you to our friends Cameron and Heather who stuck it out with us for a 16 hour day consisting of two 20ft Uhaul truck loads and everyone's cars packed out!  We also had another friend, Adrian, who graciously helped us pack up our first load in the morning.  Seriously, without everyone's help, we just could not have done this.  Thank you, thank you!!!  We have some repaying to do in the future!! : )

Here are a few photos of the big move in day.  It's been about three weeks as I write this and we are finally just about done unloading boxes.

I actually don't have any yet of the house itself!  I will post an update soon so you can see it before we paint it.  It's lovely...  <insert sarcasm>