Walk Thru Day

We were supposed to close today but due to timing of things with our loan, it has been pushed to next Wed.  But the good news is, it really will happen Wed.  Today we went up to the house to do a final walk through to make sure everything was completed as promised.  There was quite a party going on at the house with the furnace guy, the carpet cleaner, and the septic tank guys.  We are still in awe that everything really is complete.  Here is what we had done this week at the sellers expense...

Roof repair and 5 year certification/guarantee
Brand new Septic Tank installed (and old one dug out)
Plumbing work
Reverse Osmosis water treatment under sink and run to the fridge also (Hooray for ice makers!!)
Brand new furnace 96% efficiency so for every dollar of propane we spend, only 4 pennies goes to waste
New furnace closet door put in to insure no fumes leak into guest bedroom (your welcome guests) and new venting system for it to bring to code.
Chimney professionally cleaned
Electrical box brought up to code and fixed
Settling crack sealed and fixed in the back and certified to NOT be structurally damaging
All carpets professionally cleaned

Yeah.  I'd say we are pretty blessed!  We can't wait to move our stuff in!  We actually plan on sneaking in this weekend to clean it since we thought we would close today and would have a whole week to clean and paint.  We'll wait to paint until we officially take possession on Wed.  There is a TON of landscaping/yard work to be done.  Who knew we actually had grass?  It's a special mountain kind of grass and its like a foot tall.  That was not there the last time we were out there.  So we have some outside clean up to do too.

 Check out the foot tall grass...  and the totally ugly pipes coming out of the house.  That is apparently the vent system for the furnace.  I am going to have to do some major thinking ans pinteresting to figure a way to make that look nice.
 Wild flowers Ethan picked for me.
Future site of an attached garage? Unless we go the detached route.

We also had some wildlife come join our party.  Ethan was the first to spot the young buck loafing around in the loafing shed.  He was so pretty.   We later saw a very young - as in less than a week old - deer that looked strikingly like Bambie.  And later, we saw it's mama too.  We also did some scoping around for some birthday gifts that Aaron doesn't know about yet.  We think we found a great spot for both.  You who are gifting know what I am talking about!  The rest of you will know after Aaron's big day!

It was a pretty fun trip. At about 12 degrees cooler than down in Denver, it was much more pleasant to cruise without air conditioner.  Too bad the boys were not up for a meandering car ride afterwards.  John and I wanted to scope out local hiking and climbing spots but the boys were totally done with the car and refused to nap.


  1. You could mount a trellis just in front of the pipes and have vines climb it?


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