Zip Line

Another cool gift is the zip line from Nanny and Papa! We set it up pretty soon after we got it but we discovered that going down the property makes for a REALLY fast ride! John and I tested it out and I slammed into a tree even with the brake!!  Well feet first so the baby and I were fine - but it confirmed that it was much to fast for the kids for now.  So John changed it up and now it goes more parallel to the property and doesn't quite go as fast. We wanted it to go from the swing set but the hill is just too steep. BUT when they get older… we want to build a series of zip lines starting at the swing set and ending at a tree house on the other side of the property!!

 We now have a great platform that John built so they don’t have to use a ladder each time. They LOVE it! And mommy and daddy can ride too! Yup, this adventure mamma even goes on it! : ) Baby Chloe may not be able to ride it for a while so might as let her go now while she can! I’m working on a backyard adventure Go Pro video. We still want to set up the trampoline outside. So now the kids have a swing set, a zip line, a trampoline, and a soccer net set up. With all these toys and space you would think I would NEVER get the boys to come inside! If only it would dry up! We've had rain every afternoon for weeks! Thank you Nanny and Papa for the awesome zip line!