Evergreen Dam Duck Derby

Last weekend I decided I needed a mommy date with the boys.  We chose to go to the Evergreen Dam Duck Derby.  I truthfully was a little nervous to take the kids to some festival on my own in my current state.  I'm too big to chase them down if I loose them and they have a way of wandering.  (Something we are trying to work on before baby Chloe arrives!)  I knew there would be lots of people and I wasn't sure it would captivate their attention enough.

I am so glad that all of my fears were unfounded.  We actually had a fantastic time.  There were three places to park and ride a free shuttle into downtown so I didn't have to worry about parking along the busy street in downtown Evergreen.  The boys thought the shuttle was one of the best parts!  At the festival they sold chances to win sort of like a raffle but instead of a ticket, you get a duck.  Well you don't actually get the duck, you get the number on the duck.  Then they lift thousands of ducks over the Evergreen Lake Dam and release them to see which duck will float to the finish line first!  We got excellent front row seats and the boys thought it was so cool to see all the ducks drop and then watch as they started to float down stream.  We were hoping ours would be one of the 20 winners but no such luck.  We purchase number 4080 and 4078 was a winner.  So close!

There was also a little carnival type thing where you could buy tickets and play duck themed games like duck toss, and chuck and duck.  We had fun playing all the games, winning candy, and jumping in the bouncy castle.  Well they boys did anyway!  Momma can't fit!  And after the ducks dropped we took a horse drawn carriage ride back to the carnival.  Then we dined at Beau Jo's which if you've never eaten there it is a famous Colorado pizza joint.  Very tasty.  After lunch we used up the rest of our tickets and hitched the shuttle back to the car.  We actually stayed from start to finish and I had only expected to be there for an hour or so.

live band equals lots of dancing

Shuttle ride

But our day was not finished.  We were only minutes from the Evergreen skate park and fortunately I had the idea of packing the scooters and helmets as backup if the Duck Derby fell through.  So we stayed and played for another hour between the skatepark and the playground.  I'm pretty sure they slept well that night.  It was a much needed good mommy and boys day that had nothing to do with the house!