John's Birthday

This year we got to celebrate John’s birthday with Chelsee and Jay! They were on their great road trip to Albuquerque, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Denver. I’m sure I missed a town or two! Anyway, they stopped in Denver on their way home and spent the day with us on Saturday.

We started off at Le Peep for breakfast with Chelsee and Jay. It was fabulous! Then it was off to the Denver Museum of Science and History where we met up with Matt too. We had a great time checking out Dinosaur bones, Space Odysey, outdoor life, the mummies, and the kids Discovery area. I think the Space Odysey and Discovery area were the kids favorites! Even with a snack break it was still a lot for the kiddos to take in! But we found it pretty neat and maybe John and I will go back on our own some time to explore more. There was a giant splash pad out back and we let the kids run around in it for a while though the sprays were pretty rough and the temperature was cool so they were not keen on getting super wet.

Next it was off to lunch at Mod Market. Yum. And then on to our house for a visit and dinner and presents! I had a crock pot full of BBQ ribs going all day and Chelsee made her famous twice baked potatoes! Of course we topped it off with a birthday cake – or two… and ice cream.

John got a chain saw from his parents! Let the fun times begin! : ) Hahaha. I'm not sure if he wanted it more for our land or for the future boyfriends that Chloe will bring home!!  It has been raining like every day though and with all the things on our house to do list we’ve been pretty busy so he hasn’t gotten to use it yet! But he HAS read the instructions cover to cover. His other gift from me (well really himself I guess!) is a new climbing rope. They are pretty pricy so it’s coming a bit late! Such is the birthday scene when you are 33! Staunton State Park is just around the corner from us and has numerous climbing areas. We can’t wait to check it out!

Happy Birthday honey!  I love you so much!