No more Zumba - awaiting baby Chloe!

Well I made it to 36 weeks.  Not bad!  It was pretty fun teaching at 9 months pregnant and seeing the looks on peoples faces!  I think I may have made some of my class that I subbed last Monday pretty nervous.  Clearly they've not witnessed a very pregnant lady shakin it like it ain't no thing!  I'm sure it was getting quite comical.

Giving up my Zumba classes completely was not my idea though.  Truth be told, I had planned on teaching until the week of... day of if possible!  I mean the stress release I get from teaching is better than even chocolate or hot baths or naps.  Call me crazy.  But unfortunately there are some things you just can't fight.  Like genetics.  Thanks mom!  No really, I'm not upset mom.  My midwife says it's "just how you carry babies."  Good to know.  At least now I do know.  I thought maybe by being so in shape that it would somehow change things.  And who knows, maybe it will at delivery.  I'm still hoping.

So here's how my 36 week appointment went.  I dropped the kids at a drop-in day care facility near the hospital.  I try to avoid this at all costs because, well it costs. But yesterday I knew I did not want the boys in the room for my appointment.  My 5 year old son does not need to witness what goes on in later stage prenatal doctor appointments.  Earlier that day I taught two classes, took the boys to Chic-fil-A for lunch of which we left mid lunch due to bad behavior, went to Babies-R-Us and zipped through as fast as possible to avoid brotherly fighting and 3 year old tantrums (I can only run these errands while I'm "down the hill" otherwise I would not have taken the boys), and then drove to my appointment while my angel 3 year old threw his drink of water at me thus soaking my back and then followed by his shoes aimed at my head.  He's not always the sweet thing you see on Facebook.  It's no wonder by the time I got to my appointment that my blood pressure was up.

The nurse took my pressure.  135/85.   Not terrible but elevated enough past my typically awesome BP.  Next arm - higher.  Sit and wait for about 10 minutes.  Midwife takes it.  Still elevated.  Ugh.  Here we go again.  Some magic switch gets flipped at 36 weeks that starts my BP on an upward spiral.  It happened with Aaron - who went at 39 weeks due to BP.  It happened with Ethan - who went at 38 weeks due to my BP.  And it seems it is happening again.  I also had trace amounts of protein in my urine but not enough to be concerned yet.

What does this mean?  Well I have to go in more frequently now to get monitored.  Which is silly because the almost hour trip to the hospital for a 10 minute appointment is stressful.  I also need to monitor it at home.  Fortunately, I really like and trust my midwife who is an advocate of keeping Chloe in there as long as (safely) possible.  I have been asked to step down from teaching Zumba and though I am not on bed rest officially, I am to "take it easy."  Whatever that looks like with two little boys.  We are still on track for September 4th or 5th-ish as long as I can keep the BP under control through rest, hydration, and as little stress as possible.

I say all this to ask you to please keep our family in your prayers.  We are so excited to meet baby Chloe.  But NOT before she's ready! : )

Here are a few of my Zumba pictures throughout the pregnancy.  I'm so grateful to have been able to teach as long as I did!