Our Big Kindergartner!

Last week was quite an eventful week!  We had a baby and Aaron started Kindergarten!  I can't believe he is school age now.  All day, every day.  He even rides the bus.  My, how grown up he seems now.

Here's how the first day went.  We got up around 7 to make sure we had PLENTY of time to wake up and eat a good breakfast and do all the "right" things like pack a lunch and a snack, get dressed, brush our teeth, etc.  We were so effecient we were ready to go way too early!  But that's ok.  I let Aaron choose what he wanted for breakfast and of course it had to be donuts!  He's just like his daddy.  But of course donuts are not "brain" food so we also had eggs and sausage and fruit to go with our donuts.  And chocolate milk.

We drove him to school the first two days to get accainted with how things run and where he should go.  Walking up to the door he seemed a bit nervous but excited all at the same time.  I was determined not to cry.  After all, this is not a sad thing but just another milestone to celebrate and enjoy.  It was not until we got to his classroom that I started feeling the mist coming.  He put his stuff away and found his seat like a champ getting right to work on his coloring page.  He didn't need me.  That's when I started tearing up.  My baby boy who has been so dependent on me for 5 years, didn't need me.  He was fine.  Looking around you could see other moms with first time kindergarteners.  They too had red eyes as we all tried to hold it back until we got outside.  It also could have had something to do with the crazy preggo hormones four days before Chloe was born!

We headed to the parent breakfast and met some other kindergarten parents and the principal.  Ethan had a preschool development screening next and then it was time to head home.  John went to work painting the house and sometime around 3:00 a bus pulled up to our stop.  John hollered at me through the window and I totally panicked!  It's not supposed to be here until 4:20!!  Why is it so early?  If I'm not there to get him, they will take him back to the school.  On his first day!!!!  As I ran outside I got to my driveway just as the bus was rolling by.  Deep breath.  What time does the middle school get out?  I googled it and found that it got out at 2:30.  Whew!  It must have been for middle school.  Later, Aaron's bus rolled up at 4:20 on schedule.  John, Ethan and I had been waiting at the stop (which is just across the street from us) since 4:00 just so we wouldn't miss it!!  We later learned that it is not nessesary to wait for such a long time at the stop!

As it rolled up, we could see Aaron sitting by the window all smiles!  He was so excited and later told us that the bus was his favorite part of the day.  We met the driver, Carol who seemed really nice and she complemented us on how great our property is looking.  Actually, I can't believe how many people have told us that!  Turns out the school nurse is our neighbor.  She also told us how much better it looks now!

All in all, Aaron had a great first day. :)