38 Week Update and Nesting

So I was planning on writing this post last week to let everyone know that my blood pressure looked great and my appointments have been going well with both myself and baby looking healthy.  At my 38 week (actually 2 days away from 38 weeks) appointment my midwife said I was only dilated to a 1 and basically as unready to deliver as they come.  We planned an induction for the following Friday which would have been 39 weeks and 1 day.  We were actually worried that I would have to prolong it if I hadn't progressed much in the next week.

That's when I was going to post this update and let everyone know that Friday Sept 5th would likely be our baby girl's birthday.  And I was going to brag about all the nesting I was doing.  The room had just been complete.  The guest bedroom was set.  My freezer was full of almost 30 meals for after her arrival.  I felt great.

But, our little peanut just couldn't wait!  She decided that 38 weeks was long enough and just two days later after that appointment she came into our lives in a race down the mountain to the hospital!  I want to write out the whole story in detail for my blog book.  It will be in another post.  I figured I should still blog about all my nesting anyway.  I'm pretty proud of all we accomplished BEFORE her arrival!

At about 37 weeks it dawned on me that there was a possibility of her coming early.  Aaron was at 39 weeks and Ethan was at 38 though both were induced.  Still, thinking of this fact, I thought I should get a move on getting her room in order.  John did the paint job for me.  EVERYTHING had to be painted, even the ceiling.  It was all yellow.  We went with a very light pink.  I originally didn't want a pink room.  I wanted green but could never find a green I was happy with and instead thought we should try almost white with a tinge of pink.  It turned out great.  I am very fortunate to have gotten most items from my baby showers.  The bedding, most wall decor, and event he crib (from gift cards) came from friends.  I'm so spoiled!  The changing table was found at Goodwill from $15 and then I just refinished it.  The only things I really bought were for organization.  And even some of that came from gift cards!  I also picked up an end table at Goodwill the night before I delivered that I was going to refinish.  I bought it for $5!  It was still in the back of the Durango when we took Chloe home from the hospital!

  Watching mommy paint the changing table.  It took a sanding, a primer coat and two white coats!  Whew!
 Dad putting the crib together.
 The boys contribution to the room.  They decided that her bed needed some friends to keep it warm until she got here.

 The banner above her closet was homemade and used as a decoration at my shower at Duncan.  It says her name, Chloe Elizabeth.
Some of the photos from a friend at Duncan.  They are pictures of forest friends. : )

Of course there was more to do than just get her room ready.  I went through all of our baby stuff and cleaned.  And cleaned.  And cleaned.  I washed some stuff in the tub with bleach.  Yeah, I never use bleach but you would have too if you saw how nasty some things were.  Like toys, the potty chair, boosters, the bumbo...  And I washed all of the liners for things like the swing and her car seat.  And of course, the pack and play.  I soaked it in the tub with Dreft and then hosed it down outside.  And I laundered and organized all her clothes and blankets.  Who knew you could get so much done in so little time?

Nesting in her room was fun but I really enjoyed nesting in the kitchen.  For about a week, I spent a majority of my time cooking and prepping.  And I also had some great friends contribute meals to my mission as well.  I'll be posting a detailed listing with recipe links on my other blog, Sports Bras and Aprons, in the future.

All ready for baby Chloe - days before her arrival!  



  1. Her room is SO cute! Great job! And, seriously, I need some lessons from you on freezer meals! Nice! :-)


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