Big Brothers

One of the first things I get asked after "how's Chloe doing" is "how are the boys doing with her?"  They are doing well. They love her to pieces and want to hold her.  In fact we have to remind them that they have to wait for mommy and daddy to help them hold her.  Aaron says things like "I can't wait until she gets bigger so we can play" and "oh she's so cute."  Ethan just wants to snuggle her.  He marvels over how little her fingers and toes are. I think they are going to be great big brothers.  Of course there is some jealousy.  A lot of our time is spent on taking care of Chloe.  Aaron defaults to acting out while mommy nurses and Ethan just wants to crawl in my lap WITH Chloe which is sweet but not really feasible.  They both seem to save their mischief for when I'm nursing.  But I have become quite good at nursing while walking.  I'm just not as fast!