Nanny, Papa, Aunt Katie and Big A visit

I know it was killing my mom to wait to visit.  We had planned on her and my dad coming on September 12th since Chloe was due the 11th.  We had no idea that she would be two weeks old before my parents got to meet her!

Mom, dad, Katie, and Adam (Big A) arrived on Friday before Aaron got home from school.  It was so awesome seeing his reaction when Nanny and Papa and Aunt Katie and Big A met him at the bus stop after school.  We had a great time with everyone here though the time flew by.  Katie and Adam only got to stay for Sat and part of Sun.  We made a trip down to the mall on Saturday and to Coney Island Hot Dog stand on Sunday for lunch!  We've been wanting to go there but the line was an hour long!  Crazy for hot dogs.  We also visited a local historical museum/park and got some amazing pictures.  Katie is so talented.  I want to post her pics here but I will wait until I get her disc in the mail of all the finished files.  They turned out even better that Bella Baby.

Nanny and Papa spoiled the boys while they were here - especially Ethan while Aaron was at school.  It was nice to get to take a few naps and have all the help doing dishes and laundry.  I wish they could have stayed longer.