Grandma and Granddad Visit

September was a busy month.  Two days after my mom and dad left, John's parents came to visit.  Actually his mom came first and his dad surprised her by coming on Thursday instead of Friday.  It was so great but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Teresa stayed with us and helped with the boys and Chloe.  John went back to work that week so it was so nice to have someone to help me out.  She let me sleep every morning while she got the kids to school!  Chloe was going through a phase of not sleeping at all until the morning so it was a huge help.

Thursday was Matt's birthday and we had planned on doing a birthday dinner at our house on Sat.  We secretly planned a dinner out on Thursday after all since John and I knew his dad would be in town by then.  It was also a special day at school for Aaron.  They had a spirit run and we all got to go cheer him on.  Granddad surprised him by showing up during the race!

We spent the whole day Saturday driving around and looking at the beautiful Aspen trees.  First we went over Guenella Pass and then on Boreas Pass.  The second one was so much fun!  It was a little off roading but not crazy.  The colors were just so beautiful.  We ended the day by celebrating Matt with dinner and a cake.  It was the perfect end to their visit.  Matt and Jacquelyn stayed the night so we could all see off his parents on Sunday morning.  Our time together always seems so short.  We'll see you soon though!