Guess what I found today?!  Posts I had written but never posted.  It's high time I update this poor blog of ours.  And get the books printed for that matter!  So here they are...  the next few posts will be for the rest of 2014 and then it's time to get up to date on 2015.


We weren’t sure what to expect for Halloween up in the mountains this year.  Where do you trick or treat?  Do people mostly go down the hill?  What in the world are the boys going to be on such a small budget?

As it turned out, this was the most fun we’ve had as a family on Halloween yet!  Last year was a close second with Uncle Matt and Aunt Jacquelyn.  They were out of town this year so hopefully they will be able to join us next year.  First off, we borrowed costumes from a friend for the boys.  Why have I never thought of this before?!  A good friend from MOPS offered and we were very grateful.  Aaron went as Spider man and Ethan as Iron Man.  They loved it and were sad to return the costumes!


We took the kids to the local neighborhood, Wil-O-Wisp.  In the mountains, there are not a lot of neighborhoods with houses close together but this particular neighborhood is known for their Halloween festivities.  Think Candy Cane Lane in Overland Park but for Halloween!  Every house was decked out and people all dressed up everywhere – adults included.  The police and fire department were there handing out candy and manning the streets to help keep everyone safe.  The streets themselves were lined with people and their kids with wagons and strollers.  We just LOVE the small community life style.  People are so friendly and want to help/bless each other.  I’m sure there are few grumpy people around but there is never a shortage of people wanting to help other people out.  Our kids were SPOILED this year!  We had so much fun roaming the neighborhood among the crowds and bumping into friends from MOPS and the kids school.  When the sun went down it got pretty cold and windy though which ended our fun a little early.

Next up, the elementary school.  We were thinking it would be kind of lame so we saved it for last and decided to check it out before heading home.  It would have been fun for Aaron no matter what because it’s his school and every kindergartner thinks his school is awesome.  But it wasn’t just that.  The place was all decorated like a giant haunted house.  The halls were dark and lined with decorations everywhere and Halloween “Christmas” lights all throughout.  The teachers sat outside their classrooms in their costumes and handed out candy as the kids walked through.  I’m pretty sure Aaron’s teacher dumped an entire bowl in his bag!  He was pretty excited to see her.  When they finished going past the classrooms they ended up in the gymnasium which was split into two haunted houses – one scary and one friendly.  The boys chose the friendly one first.

Yup, I said first.  Since it was almost time to close up they let the boys go through the whole thing 3 times!!!  They probably could have gone through more but we had already collected over 16 POUNDS of candy by that time!  There were some kids dragging their bags they were so full.  It was nuts!  They sampled some along the way and when we told them at the end that they could choose one last piece those stinkers when for a full size bar!  Did I mention this was AFTER we all downed hot chocolate when we first arrived?  Sugar overload!!!  Oh well.  It was worth it.
We came home and filled our “prize bucket” and then sealed the rest in food saver bags and locked them up in the freezer.  I wish I could say they haven’t been opened but I would be lying!  Can’t wait to do it again next year!