Mountain Life

Mountain living is a lot like country living.  But with mountains!  It's been quite an adjustment but it is so AMAZING!  The snow so far has not been bad - the most is usually 6 inches.  Although we do get snow about once a week, it is usually gone quickly.  And the sun - the sun is so warm!!  We can play outside in 45 degrees with tshirts.

The wildlife is so cool.  I hope we never get tired of seeing a heard of deer in roaming in the yard.  We call them our Deer Friends.  We mostly see does but occasionally we see some bucks and once we even saw three together just hanging out.  It's fun to watch them "chasing tail!"

Our kids are allowed to take snow clothes to school and are actually encouraged to do so.  They get to sled at recess.  There is actually a set of rules in the Kindergarten handbook about sledding!  How cool is that?  And speaking of sledding, we have the best sledding hill right on our property.

We have school when it snows...  and when it's -11 degrees outside...  They have had 2 snow days and one was because the heat wasn't working in the school, not because of the weather.  It takes a huge storm to shut things down here.


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