Criger's Visit for Spring Break

My BFF knows that I love surprises! She and John had been planning for her to visit with the boys for a while when John let it slip a few days before she was coming.  We were out to eat at the Olive Garden when I got the call saying she was coming with the boys for their Spring Break.  I was over the moon excited!

Job wasn't able to make it so Amy packed up the boys for a road trip and headed to Colorado.  While they were here we played in the back yard; zip lining, racing down the grassy hill on big wheels, swinging on the swing set and jumping in the trampoline.  We also took them to our favorite winter indoor hangout - Evergreen Rec Center.  We did some rock climbing, swimming, and then rock climbing again!  I think we sufficiently wore out the kids while they were here.

The kids had sooooo much fun.  Ok so did the adults!  I love hanging out with my Bestie.  I think we killed two bottles of wine one night!  Good friends are so good for the soul.  I was having some baby blues.  I feel very blessed to have a husband and a best friend who look out for me and do so much to lift my spirits when I'm down.