The Rest of 2014

There may be a lull, but this blog will not go un-updated forever!  I am determined to continue my publishing of family year books.  They are such a treasure to us.  In a world where everything is digital, it is nice to have bound books of all the great adventures we are experiencing as a family.  2014 was certainly an adventure.  We sold our house in Kansas, bought a house in the Rockies, Aaron started Kindergarten and Baby Chloe was born!  It was definitely not a year I want to forget.  I have yet to publish the 2013 blog book either but at least the posts are all up.

So to catch up a little, here is a nice long picture post of all the exciting things that happened in the end of 2014 including Christmas.  Christmas this year was bitter sweet.  Emphasis on the sweet. While we dearly missed our family, it was a Christmas I will never forget.  The 5 of us, Christmas breakfast, opening Santa gifts and all the other packages in our jammies, playing with new toys, casually preparing a fancy turkey meal and then enjoying it together, and best of all - snow.  It was a very dreamy day.

These last few were from New Years Eve.  We brought in the New Year with a family game night, sparkling Cider toast and silly string...  Our countdown started at 8pm and John and I were asleep before midnight! Ha!

Here's to another great year in 2015!