Chloe Elizabeth

There's no better way to get into blogging again than to just do it right?  So many times we've gone to do something fun and I think, I should just go home and blog!  But then you know, life happens and somehow this blog has been put on a back burner.

So yesterday I was feeling troubled because when I think about the boys being babies, I only seem to recall Aaron.  It's like I remember everything about his babyhood but Ethan has always been at least a toddler right?  I know that isn't so and maybe it is because Aaron WAS a toddler when Ethan was born and a lot of my attention was focused on his "destructor" phase.  So I sat down with my blog book from Ethan's birth year and the memories came flooding back.  I flipped each page remembering the moments and reading stories I had since forgotten.  And I realized...  what if in 5 years I cannot recall baby Chloe's babyhood either?  And that's when I got super motivated to return to the blog.

I am 2 years behind in print.  The posts are written for 2013 and 2014 but have never been published in a book.  The process is very time consuming.  The program converts my blog to a book but it's very choppy and not very nice on the eyes so I end up doing a lot of editing to make it just right.  Last night I went to work on 2014.  (2013 has been converted but not edited and I don't want to forget the details of Chloe's birth year so I'm tackling it first.)

So this morning I sit here with my cup of coffee, rain pouring down, windows open with a nice breeze, and my little Chlo-ster attempting to put Cinder's dog food in her mouth.  Just this week she has finally mastered crawling on all fours.  For about 2 months she has been army crawling everywhere.  She was very good at it and went super fast.  I think that's why she didn't care to learn to actually crawl for real.  It was hysterical to watch!  But she has discovered her knees now and if I thought she was fast before...  look out world!

We have sort of baby proofed the kitchen and living area.  Ok, Mostly.  We have decided instead of worrying about the stairs we would just block her into the kitchen and living room by putting up gates at the entrances to the hallway.  It's like a giant play pen.  We've covered the fireplace stone with a quilt, blocked the bottom shelf of my mason jar cabinet and have been trying to stay on top of vacuuming and sweeping both areas to rid them of small choking hazards.  She's a pro though.  She will find the smallest of things and put them in her mouth. Having a dog (who chews things up and leaves a trail) and older brothers (who bring in their legos even though they are not supposed to) keeps us on our toes for sure!

And speaking of being up on toes, Chloe has been pulling herself up. I had seen her do it on the outside of the pack and play and also trying to crawl on top of an empty box (did you know boxes are more fun than toys?!) but John had not seen it yet.  Then just yesterday we look over and she is standing at the fire place!  It's time to lower the crib again!  It won't be long before she is walking.  I know I say it all the time, but I cannot believe how fast time is racing by.  She's getting so big.  I ask her everyday to slow down a bit.  I want to remember every detail.  She is likely our last baby and I find myself paying extra attention to EVERYTHING.  We love you Chloe!