Church, God, and Kids

I'm not sure if there is anything more exciting and rewarding than seeing God move in the lives of your children.

When we first moved to Colorado we quickly found a church home in Red Rocks Church and loved it.  We loved the messages and the music - especially me - and our kids enjoyed Kids Rock.  Red Rocks is a very large church that now has 5 campuses.  We really didn't mind the size so much at first.  I mean, big churches mean LOTS of opportunities to serve and to make big impacts on the community around them and the world abroad.  I loved this about Red Rocks.  But it also makes it very difficult to plug in.  We hosted a life group and that was awesome.  We love the people that were in the group very much and we had fun with them.  We both also served on the "host" team in different areas.  But still, it was hard to get to know people and with so many services to choose, quite often we found ourselves lost in the crowd longing to be known and to know others.

When we moved to Bailey we decided we wanted to find community up here in the mountains.  We tried to make Red Rocks work but the drive was tough and for the most part, there weren't any people up in our neighborhood who we went to church with.  We wanted our children to grow up with friends in the church and to be part of others lives.

Enter Aspen Ridge.  We have been attending there since January now.  The community there is amazing.  Our kids LOVE the AWANA program, the cub scouts meet there, and I am co-coordinating our MOPS group now.  We see the same people every Sunday and Wednesday and the kids are actually making friends and learning about Jesus. I am constantly impressed by what they understand and repeat.

I had a moment yesterday at AWANAs pickup when Ethan said hi to our Pastor and he affectionately said hi back remembering his name even.  Our kids are known not only by their AWANAs teachers and Sunday School teachers but by the Pastor as well.  That's really important to me.  Of course, knowing people doesn't make you a great person or follower of Jesus but it sure helps to feel loved and accepted.

Today I was going through papers in Ethan's backpack.  He had drawn a picture of Jesus on the cross and wrote in his adorable 4 year old miss-spelled way, "God died for our sins."  He's learning.  And he's thinking about it even when he's not at school.  He's even applying and exploring his relationship with Jesus.  Today the DVD player in our car seemed to stop working.  It had a crack down the middle of the screen.  Not the actual glass but underneath in the pixels.  I know it's silly but I was really upset and figured the kids had destroyed yet another nice thing that we own.  We went to the Y for my Zumba classes and when we got back in the car it worked just fine.  No crack.  Ethan's response?  "Man God, you're awesome!"  When I asked if he had prayed about it, he said yes, inside the Y.  I was blown away that he would credit God with fixing his DVD player.  It seems trivial but to him, he genuinely was thankful and in his sweet four year old mind, gave glory to God in that moment.

I pray that these sweet moments keep happening.  God continues to use my little people to teach me and convict me to be a better mom and a better person.  I don't say all these things to brag.  Just where I'm at right now and I thought it important enough to blog about.  I hope to get this blog fully updated soon.  I know I keep saying that!  But I'm serious.  It's important.